Ferro Homes has deep roots in the home building industry. My father, Franco D. Ferro, built his first home in Macomb County back in 1972, the same year that I was born! I can literally say that I was born into this industry!

Dad worked tirelessly growing Ferro Homes to be one of the most trusted and respected home building companies in Metro Detroit.

I had the privilege of growing up under his guidance, where I learned the building business from the bottom up. As a young boy, I have fond memories of going to work with Dad on the weekends. As a teenager, I would often work after school and weekends. It is safe to say that I wore out countless brooms sweeping homes growing up. In the early 90’s, I began working full time for Ferro Homes. During this time, I attended night classes and earned a Bachelors Degree in Business Management from Walsh College. In 1995, I obtained my residential builders license. By that time, I was actively involved in every aspect of the company.

I am very proud and blessed to have worked and learned from my father everyday until his passing in 2012. Ferro Homes, now in its second generation of family ownership, was built on a rock solid foundation. We survived two major housing recessions (early 1980′s and the recent Great Recession 2006-2011). We did this without changing our name, declaring bankruptcy, or receiving a government or bank bailout. Most importantly, we never asked our trades or suppliers to waive or compromise money they had earned. For these reasons, our reputation in the construction industry is impeccable.

Personal Service

Most large “production” builders do not have the time or interests to personally work with their customers. Instead, their customers are often passed off to a sales representative or a superintendent and rarely……if ever, will they actually meet their builder.

Ferro Homes is different. I take pride in the fact that I work hand-in-hand with each of my clients throughout the entire home building experience. There is never a moment when my customers are left in the dark. Our state-of-the-art website gives each client a personal portal that grants them 24/7 online access to every important detail of their home. This includes a daily photo gallery detailing construction from start to finish, access to the live schedule, important documents, and a running cost total. I believe that communication is one of the most important aspects of home building. For this reason, rarely does a day pass that I do not personally communicate with each of my customers. No one knows your dream home better than you do, so I encourage an open line of communication that will make the entire process a pleasure instead of a chore.

Skilled Workforce

Many home builders have only one criteria when they select the trades and suppliers that are in the field building your home. Sadly, that criteria is simple….. Who is the lowest bidder?

At Ferro Homes, price is only one of the factors I use in selecting our trades and suppliers.

Not Simply the Low Bidder
Simply put, a home is only as good as the people building it and the materials it’s built with. Our trades are skilled craftsmen that have a real passion for the work they do. They are professionals who have been leaders in their fields for many years. Many of our trades and suppliers have been working with us for over 25 years. They know I have high standards and they strive to exceed my expectations.

Better trades and quality materials equals a better built home.