Affordable Luxury

Every Ferro Home is built with what we call Affordable Luxury. What that means to our customers is simple. We do not play the “nickel and dime” games that other builders play. Our homes are move in ready at the base price. We do not lure our customers in the door with an attractive base price that does not include the amenities that today’s buyers want and deserve.

At Ferro Homes….. Its Included!

Luxury features such as Granite Counter tops are not upgrades…they are included. And not just in the kitchen, but in all the bathrooms as well. Gorgeous kitchen cabinets and Distressed Hardwood floors. Upgraded trim is no longer upgraded. Nine foot first floor ceilings. Generous lighting package including 12 recessed lights. Our homes are sealed and energy efficient. Certified to the high standards of D.R. Nelson & Associates. +90 furnace. R-38 insulation. Central Air. The list goes on and on.